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Alinco DX-R8 and SDR# 1 messages By cloewe5737@... ·
Contour Shuttle Pro V2 plugin for SDR# 9 messages By Edward MacDonald ·
locked sticky No SDR# User Manual... Really!! 23 messages By prog ·
New SDR# release r1670 with more image rejection optimizations contributed by Leif Asbrink SM5BSZ 14 messages By Frank ·
New SDR# and SpyServer release r1700 with directory listing 46 messages By juan · Edited
The Preselector project - External remote SDR preselector using Raspberry 1 messages By PMM ·
Airspy and export of tuned frequency 5 messages By Marco Melandri ·
Speed of spectrum analyzer and waterfall 1 messages By bibib86@... ·
Double Side-Band Suppressed Carrier decoding 14 messages By Greg Ella ·
Airspy HF+ Availibily at Globaltuners 2 messages By Andrea IW0HDV ·
New SDR# release r1668 with Act 3 of the image rejection optimizations for Airspy HF+ 3 messages By William Liporace ·
New SDR# release r1667 with significant improvements for Airspy HF+ 3 messages By William Liporace ·
#sdrsharp 1 messages By beta-tester ·
Auto start SDR + Freq lock plugin 9 messages By Peter Lindquist ·
sdrsharp and Xamarin app 1 messages By pc.dus@... ·
Recording baseband and audio in 7 messages By chutton12000 ·
CPU Usage much to high with SDR# (V1655...V1666, Win7-64 Prof., i7-2700k @3,5GHz , 16GByte RAM 2 messages By Martin Smith ·
Computer screen such as in video 5 messages By h. garcia ·
New SDR# release r1665 2 messages By nwpac6 ·
CODAR 3 messages By Robert Brush ·
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